Striped dragons are a distinctive and uncommon mutation of Dragons.

Features and details Edit

Of the different mutations and variations among the dragons, striped ones are the most common. The only distinctive feature is bearing vertical stripes of darker color over the basic one.

Striped dragons are believed to be unlucky in finding mates, while Scabia believed that striped dragons were unfertile: it's possible that the first belief was connected to the rumored infertility.

Although Scabia, the Archelle of Sadda-Vale, was an old dragon-dame of great intelligence and leadership, it appears that her belief was wrong and possibly based on ancient prejudices.

Two notorious striped dragons (AuRon and DharSii) of the Age of Fire proved to be perfectly healthy and fertile.

Dragons could carry the stripes alongside another mutation (as occurred to AuRon who was also a gray dragon).

The gene appears to be easily and directly passed from parent to hatchling, because both AuRon and DharSii sired one 1 striped hatchling into their first clutch. It's believed that the gene could have been inherited (but not showed) in their direct relatives, as Wistala, that could potentially give it to their own offspring.

Notable striped dragons Edit

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