Takea was a Firemaiden drakka who lived during the Age of Fire.

Tumblr mveeooFx4J1r75fszo2 1280TAKEA
Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Appearences: Green
Current: Dragon Empire
Current: Firemaiden
Friends: Wistala,Zathan
Battles: Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel, Battle of the Iwensi Gap
Death: Killed by an arrow from a Roc-rider during the Battle of the Iwensi Gap

Personality Edit

Takea was an extremely proud and haughty young female, with a contemptuous and teasing behavior, especially toward the older Wistala. Such behavior appears to have been originated by resentment and jealousy, however (with time) it mitigated and evolved until turning into the friendship and respect among sisters serving in the same order. Despite her apparent fiery behavior, she was probably more amicably deep inside: she even befriended the young human Zathan and the pair exchanged promises.

Life Edit

She was in service under the command of the Firemaid Ayafeeia, and bravely fought during the Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel. During the first stage of the clash, she pinned down and briefly captured the demen King Paskinix, however the demen later escaped after Wistala's action. The loss of his special prisoner made the young Firemaiden full of resentment toward Wistala, with explicit threats to denounce her in front of the Tyr.

Later Takea kept insulting and ill-treat Wistala (despite their age difference), possibly because she also felt of being ignored, while Wistala was gaining Ayafeeia's attentions.

Her behavior toward Wistala however mitigated once she was ordered to lecture her and prepare for the court of Tyr RuGaard: there Takea informed her of the identity of some dragons.

Takea met a young human, Zathan son of a Free Thrall fighting in the Aerial Host, and befriended him: the pair exchanged promises, about Takea allowing Zathan to fly on her back once she got her wings, and exchanges tokens.

After the agitate event following the revelations of the Red Queen schemes, she was directly questioned by the Tyr on her thoughts about what to do: Tyr RuGaard selected her (one of many Firemaidens), giving her honor and getting a reasonable reply.

Takea served during the Battle of the Iwensi Gap, proving herself courageous and capable in battle. She went far into siding with the Wistala's words and proposals, supporting her. During the battle she recovered the skull of Roc, wearing it on her head as an helmet, making her appearance distinctive in battle.

When Wistala accomplished her plan to destroy the iced dam and block the pass, Takea was among the first ones to rush in rescue of the older Firemaid (she was surrounded by Ironriders and Roc-riders): the enemy were dispersed and Wistala was rescued, but Takea was mortally struck by an arrow.

Wistala stood close her young friend, while she passed away, listening last words. With Wistala close to her, Takea appeared calm in front of the death: proud of their victory even if sadly wondering if some male would have been interested in her, she asked Wistala to bring back her token to Zathan and passed away after last words of hope for the future.

Legacy Edit

As the other fallen ones during the battle, Takea was regarded and remembered as a hero. Wistala witnessed in sadness and distress the death of a young drakka who at first disliked her, but then get fond with.

Take's last words were prophetic because her last hope (that one day dragons would live on the surface, leading the humans like thanes) was later realized by Tyr RuGaard.

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