The Third battle for the sun-shard was fought in Old Uldam during the Age of Fire.

Third Battle for the sun-shard
Time Age of Fire
Place ruins of Krag city.
Result Decisive Ghioz Empire victory
"Uldam's Gates" blighters Ghioz Empire

Horblikklak (killed?)

unknown human commanders



including Fireblades and many archers

1 dragonelle

thousends of horsemen and infantry

War-machines (javelins)

2 Dragons (one as mercenary)

1 dragonelle

Probably most of warriors killed or captured

1 dragonelle wounded

Probably heavy or moderate Ghioz losses

1 dragon wounded

1 dragonelle wounded

Background Edit

Ghioz Empire attempted to recover the Sun-shard but failed and were defeated during the Second Battle for the sun-shard.

After the arrival of Wistala, they amassed an army that confronted with blighters, officially about quarrels of the border, but appeared to give up after a peaceful confrontation.

However it was also clear to some that it was just a trick.

Battle Edit

For the first (and only) time, the Ghioz Empire managed to use dragons in battle, after having learned how powerful they could be during the War in Bant. The two exiled dragons: NiVom and Imfamnia (former Queen) attacked first the Fireblades garrisoned out of the ancient cave protecting the sun-shard, and NiVom destroyed the main watchtower full of archers. Imfamnia focused her fire mostly on the empty ruins of the city of Krag (where scattered blighters could still take cover), showing her battle inexperience.

Meanwhile the Ghioz Army (numbered in thousands of horsemen and infantry) marched toward the outskirt of the city's ruins: NiVom while further attacking blighter forces, was wounded by Wistala and Imfamnia fled when the dragonelle attempted a frontal confrontation after having lost the tail's tip due a bite from Wistala.

Wistala managed to make a passage with her fire on an horsemen column to help the blighters, but was then surprised by the arrival of the third dragon fighting for Ghioz: DharSii, who has been hired as mercenary.

Wistala was attacked by the Ghi-men and forced to pull back to evade being encircled, and the horsemen split in 3 columns marched toward the ruins against the blighters. The blighters, led by Horblikklak, were inferior in numbers and despite the advantage of some positions (including the advantage of throwing rock from high ruins) could not stand their enemy.

DharSii carried with him a rock, but thanks to Wistala it missed an ancient tower full of archers: however it struck the walls, opening a break. The Ghioz Army penetrated the city and the blighters scattered: an attempt from Wistala to destroy a column almost ended in her death by large javelins launched by war-machines.

Wistala managed to reach the amassed blighter civilians, led by elder former warriors, and she instructed them to search safety to secret passages.

A final duel between Wistala and DharSii ended with wounds to the first one, while she fall to the depth of a deep pit into the Lower World.

Aftermath Edit

The battle resulted into a decisive victory for the Ghioz Empire having reached the purpose of the mission: to recover the sun-shard.

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