The Third Battle of Lavadome was the conclusive act of the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War.

Third Battle of Lavadome
Wistala 2 by missylico-d46ze8c - Copia
{{{Wistala wore a rare armor for dragons, during the battle. }}}[1]
Time Age of Fire
Place Lavadome
Result Decisive Dragon Empire victory. But political disaster for Tyr RuGaard's faction.
Dragon Empire Wheel of Fire
Queen-Consort Wistala(wounded)

HeBellereth(badly wounded)


3 dragons of the Aerial Host

Demen Legion




armed Thralls


dragon volunteers

Wheel of Fire Army

including blighter slaves

many war-machines

1 dragon of the Aerial Host killed, another badly wounded.

at least 1 Firemaid killed

possibly some other volunteer dragons and dragonelles killed.

a number of drakka and drakes killed.

moderate to heavy losses among demen and armed thralls.

According NiVom "dozens" of dragons killed (mostly drakka and drakes), possibly inflated number

devastating: all killed or captured

Background Edit

After the death of King Gobold during the Battle of Ba-drink, the feud between dragons and dwarfs of the Wheel of Fire seemed over. However the Wheel of Fire had survived, despite the massive losses in lives and wealth: fueled by desire of revenge, the survived leaders of the clan gathered all the survived forces to attempt a strike at the heart of the Dragon Empire. With the end of the War of the Red Queen, dragons had no clues to expect such threat and most of their military force was dispersed in Upper and Lower World. The Wheel of Fire plans aimed both to kill Wistala (because of her role in the Battle of Ba-drink) and to conquer the treasures of the Lavadome to resurrect the original strength.

Battle Edit

The Wheel of Fire had spent years to amass an army, recruiting every single dwarf that could handle a weapon: they came through the underground rivers with three large boats engineered to fight the flow.

The dwarfs won the tunnels leading the river ring, but by the time messengers brought the news to the Lavadome and Queen Wistala assembled the defense, after having evacuated all the inhabitants of the other hills into the Imperial Rock (with exception of the Anklene Hill). Tyr RuGaard wasn't present during the battle because was visiting his mate Nilrasha and then went to Hypat city.

Anklenes would never abandon their hill and the scrolls, books and records to destruction, so they prepared to defend it and Wistala ordered the Demen Legion to support them.

Sadly only three members of the Aerial Host were present at the time of the battle: their leader HeBellereth and two other dragons who were lightly wounded during the Battle of Swayport: they quickly positioned themselves to block the tunnels and gain time. However they could not stop them forever: HeBellereth was mortally wounded, another comrade was killed and the third one forced to retreat and dwarfs eventually reached the open field of the Lavadome with their war machines firing volleys of javelins and other projectiles, killing immediately a Firemaid who made a passage with fire above their ranks.

The Wheel of Fire army assembled in the open field, forming a crescent moon, and asked for a parley after having also took as captured a number of fleeing thralls, and also some drakka and drakes.

The Wheel of Fire demanded the life of Wistala as their only purpose of the attack (even if it was clear they weren't going to stop at that). No reply was given and the Queen-Consort prepared for the further battle after having urged all the non-combatant dragons to get their courage and fight to protect their lives.

Wistala personally led the Demen Legion, removing them from their position around the Anklene Hill, to attack the right wing (originally it was planned to attack the left wing) of the dwarf army who was attempting an encircling move against the Imperial rock. The attack was extremely successful due the eagerness of the demen to fight the old enemies, and Wistala herself was very active in mauling the dwarfs lines, but she was struck at the wings with small projectiles and brought down. When she was going to be killed by a large crossbow-machine, SiHazathant and Regalia engulfed the dwarfs with their fire, saving her.

While the Demen Legion had scattered the right section of the dwarfs Army, the Firemaid struck from behind, and finally when the remained dwarfs moved to reinforce the center of their formation, Drakwatch advanced.

Aftermath Edit

Immediately after the battle, AuMoahk checked the wounds of Wistala, that weren't mortal. Instead, HeBellereth was found still living, but close to his death due the mortal wounds: the powerful dragon however refused to die and for a number of days he was guarded and protected in the same tunnel he was resting, due impossibility to move him because his conditions.

The battle was a devastating result for the Wheel of Fire, who lost their last army force (that was also a considerable part of their survived male population), effectively destroying their culture. Remains of the disbanded Wheel of Fire would later join the Deep Alliance with other dwarfs, years later.

Despite the actions and leadership of Wistala granted the survival of the inhabitants of the Lavadome and the definitive defeat of the Wheel of Fire, the politics of the Empire perceived the outcome of the battle as an effective tool against Tyr RuGaard.

According to own NiVom account (that however could have been exaggerated) "dozens" of dragons were killed, mostly drakka and drakes of Drakwatch and Firemaiden. The perception of vulnerability and losses in their own homes, overcome in the Imperial court the fact that the battle ended into a victory and was skillfully exploited for the following coup that removed RuGaard from his position of Tyr.

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