Thralls (sometimes called slaves) are sentient beings who have no right to decide or act on their behalf and are effective property of another sentient being. Many cultures employ thralls, especially humans and dragons.

Thralls in Dragon EmpireEdit

Among the most famous and widespread owners of thralls in the world, there were the dragons of the Dragon Empire. Dragons usually kept by own tradition and point of view, little regard to the rights of the hominids: they were regarded as inferior, stupid, violent, short-lived creatures whose intelligence (believed lower than dragon's) did not gave them rights in front of them.

Most of the Dragons believed it was their natural right to own thralls, dispatching them for multiple works (cleaning caves and tunnels, preparing and serving the food, caring and cleaning the bodies of the dragons) at the point that the Dragon Empire was directly dependent to their existence as resource. There were different ways to deal with thralls: some dragons were kind to them, giving gifts and rewards if the thralls proved efficient or closing an eye in front of little theft. Other dragons however were more harsh, eating thralls if they failed in some task or threatening them to do it, there were also cases of thralls devoured just to keep the others scared and obedient (such practices were disliked by Tyr FeHazathant, and opposed by Tyr RuGaard). Some spoiled and corrupt dragons (like SiMevolant) were known to kill and eat thralls just for fun, while others (like Tyr SiDrakkon) were known to enjoy human female thralls as sexual tools, just to eat them when bored.

Some dragons allowed thralls to chose and marry mates (usually such unions occurred between thralls at the service of the same dragon), but others are known to have ordered selective breeding and making a profit of it.

Hominid races used as thralls Edit

  • Humans were the most numerous. They were appreciated for skill and intelligence. Often acquired in the Upper World, or received as sacrifices from willing tribes of the Upholds, human thralls were well regarded and sometimes bred into the Lavadome, however they were also notorious for being troublesome in attempting to escape or (in rare occasion) organize revolts.
  • Blighters were the second most common race used as Thralls. They were obedient and strong, but blighter thralls could not be used in group nor kept in large numbers, because they ended up fighting each other.
  • Demen were uncommon as thralls, because the race was heavily involved in the Demen War and are usually killed rather than taken alive. However demen were employed as effective jailers of other thralls (humans or blighters).
  • Elves thralls were rare, because most of elves were intelligent enough to evade being turned in thralls with words and promises and eloquence. Elves were however highly valued as thralls and usually kept in good condition for works of administrative nature.
  • Dwarves were also very rare: stubborn and proud, most of dwarves are known to commit suicide at the first occasion, if forced to live as thralls.

Criticism Edit

A group of Anklene (known as "radicals" by their detractors) strongly opposed the use of thralls by moral basis. Generally, all Anklenes were known to have a soft hand toward their thralls (Skotl and Wyrr called them hypocrites for still keeping thralls despite many talks against thralldom). Detractors of the "radicals" alleged that some Anklene actually let some thralls to escape, but such claims remain mostly unproved.

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