Tilfia was a Skotl female hatchling who lived in Lavadome during the Age of Fire.

Live and death Edit

She was born of little size, for a Skotl. Tyr RuGaard met her while passing nearby the Skotl hills: she complained to the Tyr with her child-like voice how his silver-colored brother was "sitting on her neck".

RuGaard advised her to teach his brother respect on her own, biting and clawing until he stopped to annoy her and Nilrasha rose her thrill by promising her a place in the Firemaidens.

Short time later, the deadly kern-plague struck the first victims, and hatchling were especially vulnerable to it. Tilfia was one of the first victims.

Legacy Edit

Her body was brought to the Imperial Rock to be witnessed by the Imperial Line, this prompted Nilrasha to put more energy and focus in her duties as Queen because remembered how Tighlia remembered one by one the name of all the hatchlings.

SiHazathant was going to eat her body (according a custom), but Nilrasha stopped him: the Queen promised the small hatchling she would go to the Firemaidens, and Nilrasha ordered to bury her body in their cairn, even guessing that in a generation or two some other young hatchling might make a talisman out of a piece of her scale.

Nilrasha considered Tilfia to have been died in battle and personally mourned on her for two days.

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