King Tindairuss was an human king who lived during the Age of the Sorcerer.

He was once a friend of the Sorcerer, Anklamere, but eventually they fought each others during the War of the Sorcerer.

During the War, Tindairuss built friendship with the powerful black dragon NooMoahk, and the King often sat on the back of the dragon to fight with him.

Eventually Tindairuss personally slayed Anklamere, bringing an end to the Age of the Sorcerer.

Legacy Edit

King Tindairuss was honored when his land was named after him, becoming Dairuss.

Despite his great feats achieved, his legacy was ruined by his heirs who fought each other: after his death Tindairuss was however honored with monumental tomb.

Many years later, his old friend NooMoahk crashed on the tomb, dying on the final resting place of his human friend.

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