Trolls are a weird species inhabiting the world, having no related species similar to them. They can be found more commonly in the northern lands, especially on the Red Mountains and in Sadda-Vale. They are believed to be only partially sentient, but mostly driven by instincts.

Description and Biology Edit

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A troll, drawn by GarlicEyes on deviantart [1]

Their features are unique and different from the ones of all the other livings. They have large bodies, standing two or three times the size of a man, with old specimen growing even larger: they walk on two limbs, that are actually oversized arms, while the legs are short and protrude forward and are used to grab food. They have no eyes, but a tentacle extending from the belly with sensorial organs, most of their lower body is thick and powerful with an huge mouth and no sign of eyes or nose.

Their body is reddish and appears as an huge mass of flesh, spreading a foul scent.

On the back, they have protective plates covering the delicate lungs.

Most of the instincts of the trolls concern feeding: they've an huge appetite and try to eat everything and everyone, being the only one known species that is known to attack dragons for feeding (even if a dragon is a dangerous prey for a troll). The food is however only partially ingested and it's then expelled from the same mouth.

They're considered a fearsome plague, when one or more individuals descend to Hypatian countryside bringing death and destruction.

Their reproductive system is particularly disgusting: they reproduce asexually, inserting living larvae into the bodies of victim, or sometimes into the bodies of still-living unfortunates that are kept prisoners. The Larvae (whose appearance is similar to a jellyfish) eat slowly from the inside the body of the victim, possibly avoiding vital organs at first, to prolong the life of the "host".

Even dragons are known to suffer such kind of fate: Yefkoa was captured and attached by a larvae but Wistala and DharSii managed to save her and extract it.

Origins Edit

Little is known about the origin of the trolls, but they're believed to be a young race because historical records doesn't speak about them.

According different legends, they're rumored to have been appeared after an "piece of stone" that fell from the sky, according another legend, they've been "called" from the sky by the wizard Anklamere.

These descriptions could hint the fact that actually trolls are alien beings to the world, coming from the space through a meteorite. This possibility is strength by the fact that no other living being in the world resemble the trolls.

Altered Trolls Edit

During the Second Dragon Civil War, Rayg bred special trolls, feeding them with dragons. They grew stronger, sometimes with scales, and even wings (even if there were no two identical trolls, and some had useless wings).

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