Tyr Rugaard

Tyr was the title for the dragon leader of the Dragon Empire: despite granting absolute power (on the lever of King or Emperor), it was also strictly connected with many duties, responsibilities and often a good amount of sharing powers.

Hatchlings in Lavadome called the one bearing the title of Tyr as "Father of the People".

Overview Edit

List of Tyrs Edit

"Tyr" has been a term used by dragons by the dragons in the service of the wizard Anklamere, as outcome of the Dragon Civil Wars it was revived by FeHazathant when he assumed the leadership of the dragons, settling peace among the different breeds.

FeHazathant Edit

Of Wyrr line and mated to Tighlia who became Queen. He was the first to assume the title of "Tyr" after the Dragon Civil Wars and the following First Battle of Lavadome and reigned for most of the Dragon Empire's history. His reign was marked by the need to keep the dragon race safe and hidden by the hominids of the Upper World. FeHazathant was a wise and respected leader: he spent most of his life to keep the three different lines in peace to prevent a new Civil War. Many conflicts were also fought, especially against demen in the Upper World, but also minor conflicts in the Upholds in Upper World, to keep the flowing of resources to the Lavadome.

Having been created no clear rule of succession, it was assumed that his son AgGriffopse would have taken his place, but he was killed under mysterious circumstances after a duel with DharSii (another well-known and potential future Tyr). It appeared only years later how this two possible heirs were eliminated by the competition by the political schemes of Tighlia, the same mate of FeHazathant. Tighlia feared that the growing age of his mate would cause harm to the leadership of the Empire, and her plots ultimately led to the assassination of the respected Tyr. There were strong hints that Tighlia herself could have personally killed her mate.

SiDrakkon Edit

SiDrakkon was a Skotl dragon, and the first Skotl to achieve the Tyr title. His mate and Queen was Imfamnia, granddaughter of the previous Tyr. His rise to power was basically the product of the actions of Tighlia herself: she expressed earlier how it was needed a Skotl leader to prevent the clan to rise against Wyrr and Anklene. SiDrakkon's reign as Tyr was short and not particularly significant: he was known for being an arrogant and self-confident dragon, with a peculiar perversion for human females: the courage was his only known quality. After his own son (and potential heir) SiBayereth was murdered, also SiDrakkon would see a similar fate.

SiMevolant Edit

Grandchildren of FeHazathant's, his rule as Tyr was short-lived and disastrous. He was probably involved in the murdering of SiDrakkon, and Tighlia lost control over him. Notorious for being perverted like SiDrakkon, but also spoiled and a coward, he allowed the Andam to conquer the power in the Lavadome. He took as mate and Queen the same Imfamnia, who was his own sister. SiMevolant's rule was finished by RuGaard's uprising, that ended in the death of the less loved Tyr of the Empire.

RuGaard (The Copper) Edit

One of the three Siblings: he had been adopted in the Imperial line by FeHazathant's decision, and has never desired power. He found himself in the circumstances of being the only possible successor after he defeated SiMevolant and while becoming Tyr he also declared the beginning of the Age of Fire. He took Nilrasha as his mate and Queen. RuGaard's rule has been courageous and surprising: he took the important decision to bring back the dragons in the Upper World, after having finished the long conflict with the demen and having brought peace in the Lavadome. He managed to overcome the threat brought by the Red Queen's War, but he was later deposed by a bloodless coup. Eventually he nominated his sister Wistala as Regent Queen.

His loss of power was the only bloodless one in the history of the Dragon Empire.

SiHazathant and Regalia Edit

Relatives of SiDrakkon's. The Twins who had been hatched from the same egg, SiHazathant and Regalia acted ever together, and Regalia was named Regent Queen. Despite having staged a coup, alongside Ibidio, NiVom and Imfamnia, they expressed the desire to not cause a new Civil War. Despite such attempt, the Civil War eventually erupted between their faction and the one of NiVom and Imfamnia. SiHazathant was murdered and Regalia was allowed to remain as Regent Queen for some time by her enemies.

NiVom Edit

Of mixed Wyrr and Anklene heritage, he has been adopted by FeHazathant into the Imperial line. NiVom was originally meant to succeed as Tyr, however after a plot of Tighlia, he was forced in exile. During the RuGaard rule, he was never called back from the exile (despite the former friendship between the two of them), because RuGaard feared NiVom could work to take his place. Such fears were eventually turned reality when NiVom showed his support to the Twins in staging a coup against RuGaard, even if bloodless. However a number of feuds and a beginning of a civil war erupted among the dragons between the Twin's faction and his own, eventually culminated in the murdering of SiHazathant. It has been hinted that NiVom's attempts for peace were sincere, as he appeared to have no knowledge of that murdering as similar attempt to the life of RuGaard (in exile). NiVom had underestimated the actions of his mate Imfamnia and was unaware that the Red Queen had actually took possession of her body long ago, exploiting NiVom for her own schemes. When NiVom's utility come to an end, "Imfamnia" murdered him with poison.

NiVom was effectively the last Tyr of the Dragon Empire, even if he was not recognized as Tyr by the follower of RuGaard (who, after his exile, actually dropped his name and desired no more the burden of command).

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