UthBeeyan was a dragon living during the Age of Fire. He had rust-colored scales, but they were crusted with white (according Wistala could have been a sign of illness).


UthBeeyan lived in the extreme north, and appeared to have not been affected by the recruitment of the Dragon-riders when Wistala visited his territory. He attempted to "impress" Wistala to became his mate, but his unhealthy appearance, his rustic behavior, his smell and the obvious difficulty in expressing himself with a decent grammar, could not compensate the claim to have chased rival dragons from his territory. Wistala hypothesized that he could have chased them just thanks his smell.

Once Wistala made clear he had no intention to mate with him, UthBeeyan accepted quickly her decision to divert his attention in Wistala's prey.

It's likely that UthBeeyan stood aside from the events during the Age of Fire to keep living into his remote territory.

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