Varatheela was a dragonelle who lived during and after the Age of Fire. She was known for being one of AuRon and Natasatch's offspring.

Life Edit

She was born on the Isle of Ice, where her parents had settled. The hatchlings grew on the island, often play-fighting with the wolves. When their parents were dragged into establishing contact with the Dragon Empire, all of them decided to settle in it (only AuRon was doubtful of the choices of his family).

She was interested in entering the Firemaidens, and she managed it thanks the help of Queen Nilrasha who saw positively her request.

Later, during the rule of Tyr NiVom, as many other dragonelles (after spending two years on guarding duty with Angalia), she did not became a Firemaids and rather joined the ranks of the Aerial Host (who started to welcome females). She decided to join the Light Wing, rather than the Heavy Wing.

During the expedition to capture RuGaard, she faced her own father and like most of the other Light Wings, she defected and joined the exiled.

She took part at the Second Battle of Hypat, and survived, she then took also part at the final Fourth Battle of Lavadome: during the aerial fight against trolls and griffaran of the rock, she was among the first one to manage to evade and counter the enemy aerial tactics.

Fate Edit

At the end of the Age of Fire, it's known that not all of the AuRon's offspring survived. Varatheela possibly survived for the following reasons:

  • during the final battle she was directly involved, her eventual death would have been noted by Wistala.
  • the most likely victim of the family was AuMoahk (see his page for details).
  • Varatheela survived the first stage of the Fourth Battle of Lavadome (that caused losses to the dragons), and she actually was one of the first to find a way to counter the enemy aerial maneuvers, making likely that she evaded being intercepted and killed by the enemies.

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