Varl was an human barbarian who lived before and during the Age of Fire.

He joined the Dragon-riders, and was tasked with attending the dragons. He did not expressed the same extremist racist views of other humans working for Wrymere, and he was rather interested and fascinated by dragons.

He was fond to the dragon Icelake, and was saddened by his death.

When AuRon reached the Isle of Ice, the man befriended the dragon (known to him as NooShoahk): the gray dragon deceived him and abandoned him on a small island before the start of the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, to prevent his death.

Legacy Edit

He probably passed away some years after the end of the Dragon-riders wars.

Varl was one of the few humans who AuRon kept in good opinion, even if he was not closer to him like Naf.

Varl had at least a son, Loic, who later joined the Dragon Tower and probably inherited the same love for dragons.

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