Venomous dragons , often known as "Venomers" are a distinctive variety of Dragons. They're rare and the trait is believed to be hereditary.

Features and details Edit

Venomous dragons are born with a deadly poison who is spread by biting. The poison is lethal and quickly bring to death even large dragons.

To survive at a poisoned bite, the victim needs to be lucky enough to have been bitten on a limb and make a sudden amputation. AuRon survived after being bitten, biting away a chunk of the tail. However are known cases of dragons (like RuPaleth) who were bitten after birth by a hatchling venomer during the clutch-fight, the victim survived but was mentally disabled (possibly the poison isn't fully effective at birth).

Shortly before the Age of Fire, the Dragon-riders acquired an egg and the newborn hatchling was Starlight, a venomous dragon. Apart keeping him at the top of their breeding program, Starlight was also used to collect poison. It has been hinted that his offspring that resulted gifted with it, were separated to collect it.

Later it was found that the Dragon-riders dispatched to attack the Dragon Empire in the Invasion of Anaea and the following conflict, were all armed with crossbows shooting poisoned darts: such weapon caused many casualties to their enemies, also blades wet with poisons were used in close-quarter fights.

Into the Dragon Empire, starting from the leadership of Tyr RuGaard, venomous dragons hatchlings got the poison's sacks into the fangs removed. However it was rumored that all the three dragon clans (Wyrr, Anklene and Skotl) kept secretly some intact venomous dragons in fear of a resurgence of the civil wars. Previously, venomers were ordered to be killed at birth, but some did not respect such tradition.

Despite rare, the trait appears to be directly passed from parent to hatchling (without missing a generation), however it's hinted that not all the offspring of a venomous dragon share the gene.

Notable venomous dragons Edit

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