The War in Bant, sometimes referred as Ghioz invasion of Bant or Expedition in Bant, was a conflict occurred shortly before the Age of Fire with limited initial importance but with a number of historical and strategically consequences.

War in Bant
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Bant
Result Dragon Empire Victory
Ghioz Empire Dragon Empire (including Bant Uphold)
unknown SiDrakkon

Upholder NiThonius



King Onato

fortified cities, with heavy garrisons of infantry, archery and war-machine

separate cavalry force.

A second army could not reach the frontline in time.

9 dragons

9 dragons delayed and were not involved

1 dragonelle

2 Sissa of Drakwatch (24 drakes)

1 Sissa of Firemaidens (12 drakkas)

1 Imperial drake messenger

human and blighter infantry

Very heavy 5 dragons killed

1 dragonelle killed

heavy Drakwatch losses

all Firemaidens killed except one

Very heavy human and blighter losses


In the time before the Age of Fire, despite the general downfall of the human cultures (with the decline of the Hypatian Empire) a new nation rose up, the Ghioz Empire, ruled by the Red Queen. The historical territory of Ghioz was neighbor with Bant, that was a Dragon Empire's Uphold. Ghioz expansionism turned into a full scale invasion prompting a Dragon Empire intervention.

Invasion of Northern BantEdit

The first stage of the War resulted in the occupation of the northern half of Bant.

SiDrakkon's ExpeditionEdit

A force led by SiDrakkon was sent by the Dragon Empire: it included 3 dragon duelists, 2 Sissa of Drakwatch (led by Nivom) and 1 Sissa of Firemaidens). The Copper took part at the expedition alongside the Drakwatch as messenger.

Knowing that the Ghi-men were already building a fortification north of the Green Dancer, NiThonius suggested a prolonged strategy of harassment, but SiDrakkon was eager to solve quickly the issue.

Battle of the Green Dancer Edit

SiDrakkon's force scored a first victory destroying an unfinished Ghioz fortification. The victory was however too much praised and the dragons underestimated their enemies.

Some time after the battle also the Ghioz cavalry was intercepted in open field and destroyed.

Battle of the Black River Edit

The conclusive engagement of the was at first a surprising and bloody affair for the dragons: many lives were lost, but Rugaard surprised many dragons because differently from the traditions he engaged in tending the wounded and giving them hope to overcome. During the battle other 3 dragons were brought by SiDrakkon but did little effect to the battle. Eventually, thanks a strategy planned by Nivom, the battle was won and the war was over.

Peace of Sweetdrop Edit

After the Dragon Empire victory in the Battle of the Black River, a peace agreement was sealed that allowed Ghioz commercial activity in Bant but under control of Bant's king.

• No Ghi man would come south of the Black River without seeking the king’s permission.

• The Ghi men would keep their mines and saltworks, but pay over the worth of one burden out of ten extracted from Bant in the form of coin, goods, or thralls. Value of goods or thralls would be determined by the king’s representatives at the mines. New mines and works would be opened only with Bant’s permission.

• As a sop to the Ghi men, the Black River would be considered open to commercial traffic to the sea, and trading posts would be kept, along with sufficient garrisons to defend them from bandits.

Aftermath Edit

The war, despite having started for little interests, had a number of important consequences. The Dragon Empire and the Ghioz Empire faced each other for the first time, and despite the result was a Dragon Empire victory, this war was just an early shadow of the next War of the Red Queen.

The war was also an important political debacle for SiDrakkon and a great victory for the young Nivom who rose from the position of a modest but capable Drakwatch commander to be adopted in the Imperial family as adopted son of the Tyr: a path that will eventually lead him to became the last Tyr of the Empire. The Tyr's decisions also led (or contributed) to the schemes of Tighlia directed to replace him with SiDrakkon.

The only Firemaiden survived at the war, Nilrasha, would in future rise to the position of Queen at the side of RuGaard.

Big celebrations were held in the Empire to celebrate the victory.

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