The War in Sunstruck Sea was a conflict that occurred during the Age of Fire.

War in Sunstruck Sea
Time Age of Fire
Place Sunstruck Sea
Result Dragon Empire offensive slowed-down (eventually halted).
Dragon Empire Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea

The Exiles

AuSurath the Red prince Samikan
Aerial Host Lion Order

2 dragons

2 dragons wounded

moderate losses to human guards

some fishing boats destroyed

multiple ships sunk or captured

Background Edit

The Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea has been for years peaceful neighbors of the western nations (being involved only in war with the blighters of Old Uldam), but the new Dragon Empire of NiVom and Imfamnia could not allow such a power to remain free from their dominion.

Conflict Edit

The war begun with a campaign carried mostly on sea.

The Aerial Host hunted down and sunk a number of ships of the Princedoms.

The brother-in-law of Nissa was a high minister (commander) of the Lion Order and already attempted to engage the Empire, when the Princedoms received the unexpected help of a pair of Exiles: AuRon and Wistala.

The two dragons attacked the main camp of the Aerial Host by surprise: AuRon set afire fishing boats that were necessary to supply the dragons of fresh food, before luring away a pair of dragons put as guards. Wistala made a further raid, destroying fishing nets and cache of supplies.

Aftermath Edit

There were two main outcomes of the conflict.

The Dragon Empire slowed down the attack against the Princedoms, and eventually the Aerial Host was recalled to North facing the incoming threat of the return of RuGaard and the defection of the Ligth Wing.

But probably more important was the fact that AuRon and Wistala revealed themselves as open enemies of the Empire, forcing the hand of Imfamnia for the following actions.

Despite this, AuSurath the Red never met his own father during the brief conflict and his forces suffered only two dragons wounded.

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