The War of the Red Queen was an important conflict occurred during the Age of Fire.

War of the Red Queen
Time Age of Fire
Place Upper World
Result Decisive Dragon, Hypatian and Dairussian victory. Fall of the Ghi-men culture and assumed death of the Red Queen. Independence of Dairuss.
Ghioz Empire



Dragon Empire

Hypatian Empire

Dairussian rebels

Red Queen (assumed dead)

other commanders

The Siblings

other commanders

Ghioz Empire armies

ten thousands of Ironriders



Aerial Host

(including riders)



griffaran guard

Hypatian armed forces and militia

Dairussian rebels


northern dragon volunteers

Devastating (including civilians), all fighting force destroyed, surrounded or committed suicide

Red Queen assumed dead.

Very heavy (including civilian Hypatian, barbarians and inhabitants of the Upholds)

Background Edit

With the defeat of the Dragon-riders during the Dragon-riders Wars and the failure of the Andam's project for human supremacy, it was expressed by Tyr RuGaard the plan to returning the dragons to the Upper World.

Among the widespread downfall and fall in barbarism of the human civilizations, the Ghioz Empire rose as thriving nation, under the direction of the Red Queen and made clear their intentions of control the other nearby nations and expands their civilization.

It was clear that the two powers were going to face each other: the Red Queen attempted to put an end to the conflict before the start, spreading the kern-plague and with an assassination attempt to the life of the Tyr. The Red Queen also aimed to establish absolute control over the other independent human nations: the Hypatian Army and the barbarians in the north.

War in the North Edit

The local Insurgency in Dairuss gave the opportunity to the Red Queen to openly accuse the Hypatian Empire of having supported the rebel (such support was actually very weak).

Ghioz Army attacked the southern Thanedoms, but the main attack come from three armies of Ironriders (who allied with the Queen).

The northern force was defeated during the Ironriders invasion of Barbarian lands by a coalition of Barbarians, northern Hypatians and dragons of the Isle of Ice and the Dragon Tower.

The central force suffered heavy losses and was delayed by the Dragon Empire's expedition of Firemaids during the Battle of the Iwensi Gap.

However part of such force joined with the southern force, to attack the capital city Hypat. In the following First Battle of Hypat, the Ironriders were defeated by an alliance of the Hypatians and the Dragon Empire.

War in the South Edit

The Ghioz army launched widespread attacks in all the Upholds of the Dragon Empire: during the Ghioz offensive in Upholds they also employed southern allies (headhunters tribes from the far south isles), and successfully occupied most of the Upholds.

However the Dragon Empire did not engaged the Aerial Host, and Tyr RuGaard gathered his forces (including recruits and volunteers) to attempt a desperate move: a strike to the heart of their enemies, resulting in the Battle of Ghihar. Dairussian rebels also employed a small elite unit into a uncoordinated attempt to kill the Queen (and actually AuRon, who led the Dairussians, was responsible of the assumed death of the Queen).

Aftermath Edit

The dragon victory into the Battle of Ghihar brought an end to the war: the whole Ghioz Empire fall with the Red Queen, and their civilization was destroyed and absorbed into an Uphold of the Dragon Empire.

The War also marked an end for an independent human civilization to rise in predominance above the other races.

The weakened Hypatian Empire also joined with the Dragon Empire into the Grand Alliance: formally as an equal power, but at real subjected to the dragons.

However the assumed death of the Red Queen proved to be untrue, resulting into the following Second Dragon Civil War.

Dairussian people gained the independence under the rule of King Naf.

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