Wheel of Fire-Dragons War
{{{The beginning of the Feud}}}[1]
Time before and during the Age of Fire
Place different locations
Result Destruction of the Wheel of Fire. Losses for dragons
Wheel of Fire independent dragons

Galahall (only second phase) Dragon Empire (only third phase)

Gobold(killed) Wistala (second and third phase)
Wheel of Fire Army



barbars (temporarily)

Dragon Empire forces (second phase)

very heavy AuRel, Irelia, Jizara killed (first phase)

other casualties (second phase)

The Wheel of Fire-Dragons War (or conflict, or feud) was an ongoing series of conflict and hostilities between the dwarf Wheel of Fire clan and the dragons during the Age of Fire. To Hypatian knowledge (and by own Wistala's account) the war was known as "Wheel of Fire-barbarian war" or "Wheel of Fire-Varvar war" (being unaware the dragon-dwarvish feud behind it, and only taking count of the conflicts involving barbarians).

Origins Edit

The Wheel of Fire were involved in the Wheel of Fire-blighters War shortly before the Age of Fire when they met and recruited a pair of mated dragons: AuRel and Irelia.

With the help of the two dragons the conflict was over, and the pair settled into former dragon's cave. When the two dragons had a clutch, the dwarves considered the bargain broken because it was believed that making a clutch was out of the accord.

It's highly hinted that this reason covered a number of other motivations, as the natural fear of such powerful being so close their territories, the prospective of the dragons hoard and the following alliance with the Andam.

First Phase Edit

A war-band of the Wheel of Fire projected an attack against the dragon's cave: with the help of the young outcast the Copper, they attacked when AuRel was hunting. Wheel of Fire recruited Dragonblade for his experience, but others were involved like bands of barbarians and elves (like Hazeleye) who worked to sell eggs and hatchlings to the Isle of Ice. Irelia and the young Jizara were murdered, but Wistala and Auron managed to escape. The two hatchlings attempted to find their father, but they were separated and Wistala could only find a badly wounded AuRel. Eventually, Dragonblade followed Wistala's tracks and killed AuRel while the hatchling fell into a river.

Meanwhile the dwarfs had betrayed the "agreements" with the Copper, but the young outcast managed to survive.

All the three surviving hatchlings kept in mind the hate and the horror of that day, but it was Wistala the first to struck the Wheel of Fire.

Second Phase Edit

Despite having been asked from her dying father to leave revenge to her brother, Wistala never forgot and never forgave.

When she was rescued by Rainfall and grew up in his estate, he was a witness of a further betrayal during the Invasion of Mossbell, that brought the death of her elf foster-father.

Wistala managed to scheme and plan her revenge on both her enemies, thanks subterfuge she managed to cause the Battle of Galahall, that prompted the following Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark. Wistala achieved to weak her primary enemy, the Wheel of Fire, thanks another enemy of her.

Such phase of the conflict ended with the Battle of Ba-drink: Wistala avenged her murdered family by killing King Gobold and causing the almost destruction of the Wheel of Fire. Additionally she managed to cause the death of King Hammar during the same battle, causing a break-up of his dominion over the barbarians and saving the northern Hypatian land.

Third Phase Edit

The Wheel of Fire lost most of its warriors and its richness after the second phase of the feud. However the dwarves were resistant and tenacious by own nature, and in the following years gathered their forces.

Finally they decided an ultimate and bold attempt: a strike in the very heart of the Dragon Empire, both to kill Wistala and to conquer the treasures of the dragons to regain their wealth.

Previously the Wheel of Fire also attempted to kill Wistala using an hired mercenary dragon: Shadowcatch the Black, however the powerful dragon gave his loyalty to RuGaard and confessed his links with the dwarves.

The last phase of the war culminated in the Third Battle of Lavadome: despite some losses caused to dragons, the dwarves suffered an heavy defeat and lost their whole army.

Outcome Edit

As aftermath of the conflict, the Wheel of Fire were effectively destroyed as nation and culture, the remains later joined the Deep Alliance.

The war badly affected the dragon population, causing many deaths: also (from a strategic point of view) it was decisive to allow the Ironriders offensives during the War of the Red Queen.

As direct consequences of the beginning of the conflict, the Siblings grew separated and could survive the Age of Fire acquiring skills and friendships, to overcome the challenges of these years.

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