Wheel of Fire-blighters War
Time before of the Age of Fire
Place southern Red Mountains
Result Destruction of the blighter. Settling of AuRel and Irelia. Eventually Wheel of Fire-Dragons War
Wheel of Fire blighters



Wheel of Fire Army

2 mercenary dragons

probably moderate Dwarfs losses Almost all killed

Just before the Age of Fire, occurred a war involving the Wheel of Fire and the blighters.

Causes Edit

The loss of power of the Hypatian Empire, brought an increase number of blighter activity in the southern regions. Blighters grew stronger and bold and attacked the dwarf's trade routes, including the ones of the Wheel of Fire.

War Edit

Little details are known of the conflict, but it appears blighters attacked convoys and trade lines of the Wheel of Fire, causing damages to their economy.

Eventually a pair of dragons, AuRel and Irelia destroyed a company of blighters that had clashed few days before with the dwarfs. Irelia made an agreement with the dwarf Gobold, and the pair of dragons kept chasing and destroying the blighters in exchange for settling into a cave, in exchange of six chests of gold and twelve of silver.


AuRel and Irelia settled in some of the blighters caves that appeared perfect for rising a clutch, finally in safety. At first the dwarfs attempted to bargain a different (and lower) reward for the service (one chest of gold, one of silver, and one bag of gems and jewelry): the dragons managed to get an higher reward, but dwarfs get knowledge that the dragons intended to raise a clutch of hatchling.

This would be later perceived by dwarfs as something of unexpected according the agreement, and would later led to the eventual betrayal and massacre.

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