Wistala was a Wyrr dragonelle and mate of EmLar who lived in Lavadome before the Age of Fire. She was grandmother of the Siblings on mother' side.


She was mate of EmLar and laid a clutch including Irelia. When EmLar was forced to exile, being an enemy of the Tyr, Wistala was known to have carried on a miserable life in poverty and grieve.

Little is known of her ultimate fate, she probably died in loneliness in Lavadome, after having found that also her daughter Irelia left the Empire, after the Second Urlant War.

Legacy Edit

The sad life of her mother, was one of the first elements that made Irelia growing disappointed toward the life in Lavadome, with all the plots and betrayals and injustices.

Irelia clearly cared for the memory of her mother, at the point of calling her daughter Wistala like her.

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