Wolves are animals inhabiting the world. They lives in pack and are often in conflict with the humans.

Lives and Features Edit

In the pack, only the alpha can mate and have cubs.
Funny shaped wolf by garliceyes-d5wrqh4

Auron with the wolves. Fan-art of garliceyes [1]

Even if a pack is left with few members survived, it's considered alive: until one male leader able to hunt and fight, a female from another pack could decide to join the pack, bringing new life.

It is a rare event, but it's possible for some being of another species to join a pack and being considered one of them by the other wolves. This happened to AuRon, who joined the Dawn Roarers pack.

Packs of wolves communicate each others from long distance. Humans can't understand beast speech, but dragons like AuRon can.

Wolves thanks the Moon for good events occurring them.

In rare occasions (for the wolves lifetimes), wolves can gather for the "Thing": an assembly of wolves from different packs. During these assemblies, sometimes young wolves change packs or new packs are formed with new couples of young males and females. May also occurs fight and challenges for the leadership. Wolves can take turns for speaking atop the Speaking Rock, during a "Thing".

Known Packs Edit

Dawn Roarers

Fell Runners

Silent Fangs

Wind Song Pack

Known Wolves Edit

Hard-Legs Black-Bristle (or Blackhard)

AuRon (adopted in Dawn Roarers with the wolf name "Long-Tail Fire-Heart" or shortened "Firelong")

Bright-Sight Fey-Bark (or Feybright)

Way-Nose High-Star (or Highway)

White-Tooth Winter-Nose Deep-Eyes Feather-Tail

Hanging-Tongue Snow-Crossed

Bitter-Bite Coat-White

Broad-Back Short-Whiskers

Low-Ear Moon-Breath

Black-Snout Hill-Chaser

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