Wrimere, known also as Wyrmmaster, his Supremacy, and the Wizard of the Isle of Ice, was the human leader of the Dragon-riders during the Age of Fire. Despite the claim of one of his titles, he was not a real wizard.

History Edit

He started to be interested in dragons finding in his village a book about them and learned to read it. Later he contacted a pair of dragons that almost ended feeding their clutch with him: but Wrimere managed to make a bargain with them, breeding an herd of sheep (for food) in exchange of his life. Wrimere managed to bring other men to the islands, and having started to develop the ideology of the "Man's First Destiny". When the pair of dragons had another clutch, the Champion of the clutch (a golden dragon) almost killed the red brother, but Wrimere managed to save and bring away the red dragon (believed already dead by his parents).

Wrimere raised him and named him Revanan, using him as founder of a line of dragons, because he managed to hire bands to capture young female hatchlings: eventually the pair of older dragons grew used of being fed by men, and Wrimere managed to starve them and finally put the son against his parents. Revanan was wounded and rendered unable to fly after the fight, but Wrimere had now conquered the caves.

From the Hazeleye's elven book, Wrimere had learned the great weakness of dragons: impression. The instinctive recognition of the first being seen and smelled from the hatchling. Departing the hatchlings from their mothers was the key for the Dragon-riders to submit the dragons and having young dragons accustomed to obey human orders

Downfall and Death Edit

With the arrival of AuRon on Isle of Ice, the Wyrmaster had a like to the intelligent and courageous dragon. This however led to his own downfall with the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice. Even if the men survived were spared and allowed to leave the island, Wrimere stood alone in the ruins of his lodge, while talking with AuRon for one last time. He claimed once again that his actions were also for the benefits of dragons and that eventually elves and dwarves will betray and destroy the last dragons. Then he committed suicide with a poisoned blade, and AuRon set afire his body.

Trivia Edit

Despite the title of "Wizard", he actually wasn't among the rare true practitioners of magic: his power was entirely originated by his knowledge in dragons and oratorical skills to unite his subjects.

Quotes Edit

“He was a great man. He just poured his greatness into the wrong river. Let’s be done with this.” AuRon, speaking of Wrimere.

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