Yefkoa was a Skotl dragonelle living in Lavadome during the Age of Fire. She was born with a slight and slender body, making her an incredibly fast flier.

Life Edit

She encountered Tyr RuGaard when he passed nearby the Skotl hills, and asked him for help. Her parents wanted to force her to became mate of SoRolatan, who was a rich dragon but already mated and rumored to have "a jade or two" (lovers), in addition to already having an official mate. She expressed desire for relocating instead in the Upper World and RuGaard asked her to show her skill in flight and knowledge. After showing to be skilled in both, RuGaard told her she could be used by the Aerial Host there, but only on night (unless emergency or on mountains controlled by the allied griffaran).

During the War of the Red Queen, she was often engaged as messenger: she brought the news of the wounds of Queen Nilrasha to Tyr RuGaard. She was known for being the fastest Firemaid of her time.

During the first phase of the Second Dragon Civil War, she reached Sadda-Vale to search help from the Exiles. However she was attacked and captured by a troll, and a troll larvae was inserted into her body: DharSii and Wistala managed to find and rescue her, removing the larvae.

Later she travelled with Wistala to south, at first searching for Ayafeeia and later investigating about her death.

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