The Yikyans are a sentient species of avians known to live only in Urlant (they abandoned their ancestral home before the Age of Fire).

History Edit

Little is known about their history, however according the Yikiyans their race lived in a far land of south-east but were driven away by increasing conflicts with human.

They finally settled in the Urlant Uphold where they were engaged in conflict with the local humans and the Dragon Empire during the Second Urlant War.

At first they were believed to be only animals, but soon the dragons realized their society and organization was too much developed, making them a race that needed to be regarded with diplomacy.

Appearance and SocietyEdit

There is no description of the Yikyan's appearance.

Yikyans are smaller and weaker than dragons, but they can overwhelm and wound enemy dragons thanks superior numbers.

They live in great flocks, under the leadership of a leader named "flockfather". His children are princes, and are kept in high regard, the capture of one of them brought the Yikyans to negotiate a peace with the Dragon Empire.

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